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Being an Apple user i do apologise beforehand being a bit biased on what to use. However, if you have an app you would like to share with others that you feel have made your life easier or more interesting - please let me know. Write me on:


Getting around:

Maps: Apple´s preinstalled Maps app has proven to be a lifesaver for me. Being a bit geographically challenged I have a knack of getting myself lost in new places. Being a driver that is often not so amusing. Now, when using Maps i get around easily, whether it is in my car, on foot or by bus. The public transport part is easy to use, you find your destination (you can search in English) you just follow the map and you can change lines with ease. If you can not find the address - try our taxi cards :-)

All around: 

WeChat: There is no way of getting around the usefullness of WeChat out here. You communicate, you keep informed, you pay for stuff and you buy stuff through it. I am sure there are still lots of things I have not yet learned about WeChat but so far I can recommend the following functions. 

  • Official Accounts - (under contacts) a whole new world where you can follow accounts like:
    • Chinawire - daily info
    • Cityweekend - Suzhou info 
    • SherpaSuzhou - order your takeaway food here and pay through your WeChat wallet - easy peasy. 
    • 247collective - order your Cinematickets or tickets for Concert events in Shanghai - easy to use and in English - pay with your WeChat wallet
    • WhatsONinSuzhou - all you need to know about Suzhou and more
  • WeChat wallet - you connect your debit or credit card and you are ready to just go out there and pay with your phone. Just add it under your profile - wallet and follow the instructions. 
    • Movie tickets under Wallet is a great thing for moviegoers. Here you can book tickets at cheap prices. You however, have to be able to read a little Chinese or get someone to help you move around in the app and locate the Cinema you want. The app will suggest the nearest Cinema for you. 
  • AirVisual - a good app to show you the current airquality. Has several measuring stations in Suzhou.  
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