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                                                                                                      Suzhou Garden Cards
Suzhou Garden Cards allow you free visits to all of the Suzhou Gardens and tourist attractions. The number of visits is unlimited (almost). You can go up to 100 times per year at no extra charge. The involved gardens and attractions include the Tiger Hill, the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Lingering Garden, the Lion Grove Garden, the Master-of-Nets Garden, Canglang Pavilion, the Garden of Cultivation, the Couple’s Retreat Garden, Yiyuan Garden, Mountain Villa of Secluded Beauty, Suzhou Shangfangshan Forest Animal World, Shihu Lake Scenic Area, Tianping Mountain Scenic Area and Maple Bridge Scenic Area, Keyuan Garden, Stone Buddha Temple, Lengqie Tower Garden, and Shangfangshan Forest Park. The cards are issued twice annually, in June (from June 1st to June 30th) and again in December (from December 1st to December 31st). Cards can also be issued online via the Chinese website (online purchase available only from December 1st 2016 to January 15th 2017).The cards are valid for one year and allow you admission to all the Gardens.
What you need: if you are from Suzhou (including Suzhou SIP, Suzhou SND, Gusu District, Xiangcheng District, Wuzhong District and Wujiang District), you just need to take your ID card, if you are from another city in China, you need your ID card and Suzhou temporary residence permit (valid and issued before December 31st 2015). Foreigners applying for Garden Cards need to prove over 2 years of Suzhou residence on their visas and state that they plan to stay in Suzhou for at least the next 6 months. Foreigners should bring: passports with residence permits, and it is recommended that you also bring your police registration form, as they sometimes will request it.
You can get the card at the following places;
Get a taxi card to Suzhou Citizen Card Service Center (tel. 0512 6829 6688 & 962026 -Chinese).  

Get a taxi card to  Suzhou Gongyuan – Suzhou Park 

Get a taxi card to  Tongjing Gongyuan – Tongjing Park (Suzhou Garden Cards only issued at this location from December 1st, 2016 to January 15th, 2017). 
You can also get a card at the Xing Hai Guangchang metro stop in the Suzhou Tong Card service centre (inside the station)
Gardens and attractions include Tiger Hill, the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Lingering Garden, the Lion Grove Garden, the Master-of-Nets GardenSurging Wave  PavilionGarden of HerbsLotus GardenJoyous Garden,  Mountain Villa of Secluded Beauty,  Suzhou ZooShi Hu Lake Scenic ZoneTianping Mountain Scenic AreaMaple Bridge Scenic AreaKeyuan Garden,  Stone Buddha TempleLengqie Tower GardenShangfangshan Forest Park.
If the card is damaged or lost, you will need to pay 18 RMB for a new one.
Tel: 962015 & 0512 6179 0333 (CN)

Visit the Chinese language Suzhou government website for more details.
Above information from What´s on in Suzhou´s website. 
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