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Getting around in Suzhou

The most popular means of transport is a bicycle or e-bike. A bicycle is affordable and easy to use. Care needs to be taken when riding your bicycle because the traffic rules are generally ignored. NEVER assume that you have the right of way.  Green rental bicycles are available at many locations around Suzhou.

Taxis are readily available in Suzhou; all you need to do is hail an empty taxi that is driving by. The minimum charge is 11 RMB plus mileage charge if the distance is over 3km. EAS Taxi Cards, available to members, make it simple to show the driver where you want to go! Special black coloured taxis can be hired from cab ranks in selected locations, mainly major hotels, for 15 rmb flagfall.

Major train routes run from Suzhou to Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing. Suzhou has 3 stations - the main station just north of Old Town, one in Suzhou New District, and one in Suzhou Industrial Park. With the opening of the new high speed rail, you can take the high speed train from the Suzhou Industrial Park train station into Shanghai in about 30 minutes!

Suzhou has a large network of bus lines, and taking the bus here is easy. Price ranges from 1 to 2 rmb, depending on how far you go and whether or not the bus is air conditioned. Tourist maps show the bus routes, and buses generally run from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. During peak times, buses on most routes run every 10-15 minutes. (See FAQ containing details of popular bus routes)

Subway (Suzhou Metro) lines are being constructed throughout Suzhou. Currently there are two metro lines. Line One (1) runs east and west and Line Two (2) runs roughly north to south. (See FAQ about the Suzhou Metro)

The Tong Card is a plastic card that can be used for taxi, bus and metro fares. One place this can be purchased is at Xinghai Metro station on level B.

While Suzhou does not have its own airport, it is within easy distance of Shanghai's two international airports. Pudong airport (PVG), on the east side of Shanghai, has mostly international flights. Hongqiao airport (SHA), on the west side of Shanghai, has mostly domestic flights. Wuxi, a city west of Suzhou, also has a smaller airport with some domestic flights.

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