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EAS BOARD 2017 - 2018
Inger Povlich (USA)
Lisa Lundeen
Diana Harris
Jeanne Connors
Annelies Stufken
Co-Website Administrators
Monica M. Lee
Rosh Shamlo
Rebecca Howes
Angela Barker
Geertje Van der Wel
Co-Vendor Relations
Annelies Van de Walle
Charity Committee Chairperson
Tracy Green
Tai Tai Director
Raija Aflatuni (Finland)


Co-Presidents: Chair the Board and meetings, act as Association representative when necessary, coordinate and direct Board activities. They will adhere to, enforce and update the Association By-laws. They will also appoint and oversee a Charity Sub-Committee, who will be responsible for researching needs and distributing earmarked EAS funds to decided charitable organizations.

Co-Treasurers: Receive and disburse all funds, keep accurate books and accounts, and prepare a financial statement for presentation at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board will assign an auditor to verify the annual financial statement.

Co-Secretaries: Prepare minutes of Board meetings with copies being delivered within two weeks to the Board members. They will take minutes at the AGM and all Extraordinary General Meetings.

Co-Website Administrators: Update and maintain the website and promote EAS events through What's On in Suzhou and OPEN magazine.

Co-Newsletter Editors: Publishe EAS newsletter each month.

Co-Membership/Hospitality: Maintains a current membership database and coordinate all membership activities, including introduction of new members, Ambassador program, and Language Companions program. .
• Ambassadors provide local EAS representation within various housing compounds.
• Language Companions support members for whom English is not their first language.

Co-Activities: Arrange group activities and organize larger events held throughout the year.

Co-Vendor Relations: Sign up vendors who are willing to sponsor charity events/offer discounts to EAS members

Charity Committee Chairperson: Coordinates the efforts of the EAS Charity Committee to research needs and distribute funds to chosen organizations. The chairperson also facilitates a monthly charity committee meeting, coordinates the efforts to plan annual fundraising events and compiles periodic updates for the Sojourner as well as the End of Year Report.

Tai Tai Director:  Works with the appropriate officials to organize and coordinate all the Tai Tai tours and trips.

Parkway Health
Dulwich College Suzhou
Singhealth Medical
Renaissance Hotel Suzhou
Suzhou Singapore International School
iDaily Cafe
Max & Salad
Whowanna Cafe
Chang Ban Po
Stray Asia
Suzhou Vintage Wines Trading Co. Ltd
Suzhou Best Love
A Petits Pas Family Services
Wings Salon
@ Ollie's Bar & Restaurant
Finland Home Cafe
ChinaBase Travel
Dong Jia Pearl
Justwin Law Firm
Mandarin House
New Concept Mandarin
Suzhou Marriott
Ganesh Indian Restaurant
OnoLife Spa
MV Touch Clothing
Love's Bakery
Per Bacco Italian Bistro
  • Lucy's Health & Beauty Salon
  • Casa Zoe
  • The Mediterranean
  • Hanya Language & Cultural Center
  • Yu Yi Japanese Restaurant
  • Frank´s Place
  • Silk Impression
  • Florian