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EAS BOARD 2018 - 2019
Cheryl Ball
Deborah Lehman
Kim Colliers
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Jeannie Fiori
Co-Website Administrators 
Brittany Hotmer
Karin Sorensen
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Co-Vendor Relations
Interium Deborah Lehman
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Charity Committee Chairperson 
Pamela Howell-Davis
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Tai Tai Director
Raija Aflatuni


Co-Presidents: Chair the Board and meetings, act as Association representative when necessary, coordinate and direct Board activities. They will adhere to, enforce and update the Association By-laws. They will also appoint and oversee a Charity Sub-Committee, who will be responsible for researching needs and distributing earmarked EAS funds to decided charitable organizations.

Co-Treasurers: Receive and disburse all funds, keep accurate books and accounts, and prepare a financial statement for presentation at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board will assign an auditor to verify the annual financial statement.

Co-Secretaries: Prepare minutes of Board meetings with copies being delivered within two weeks to the Board members. They will take minutes at the AGM and all Extraordinary General Meetings.

Co-Website Administrators: Update and maintain the website and promote EAS events through What's On in Suzhou and OPEN magazine.

Co-Membership/Hospitality: Maintains a current membership database and coordinate all membership activities, including introduction of new members, Ambassador program, and Language Companions program. .
• Ambassadors provide local EAS representation within various housing compounds.
• Language Companions support members for whom English is not their first language.

Co-Activities: Arrange group activities and organize larger events held throughout the year.

Co-Vendor Relations: Sign up vendors who are willing to sponsor charity events/offer discounts to EAS members

Charity Committee Chairperson: Coordinates the efforts of the EAS Charity Committee to research needs and distribute funds to chosen organizations. The chairperson also facilitates a monthly charity committee meeting, coordinates the efforts to plan annual fundraising events and compiles updates for monthly reports.

Tai Tai Director:  Works with the appropriate officials to organize and coordinate all the Tai Tai tours and trips.

Parkway Health
Dulwich College Suzhou
Singhealth Medical
Suzhou Singapore International School
iDaily Cafe
Max & Salad
Whowanna Cafe
Chang Ban Po
Stray Asia
Suzhou Best Love
A Petits Pas Family Services
@ Ollie's Bar & Restaurant
Finland Home Cafe
ChinaBase Travel
Dong Jia Pearl
Justwin Law Firm
Mandarin House
New Concept Mandarin
Suzhou Marriott
Ganesh Indian Restaurant
  • Lucy's Health & Beauty Salon
  • Casa Zoe
  • The Mediterranean
  • Hanya Language & Cultural Center
  • Yu Yi Japanese Restaurant
  • Frank´s Place
  • Silk Impression
  • Florian