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Charity Updates: Keeping the EAS Community informed!


May 12, 2016-Zhong Wei Dong Local Stroke Patient


The EAS Charity recently donated 20,000rmb to Zhong Wei Dong. He is a 36-year-old local Suzhou man. Zhong Wei suffered a stroke that has left him unable to move on the left side of his body. He is unable to speak but can understand verbal messages. Zhong Wei Dong is continuing physical therapy and will have a long road of recovery. The EAS Charity wishes him all the best, and will continue to monitor his progress.


April 16, 2016- EAS Spring Fling and Market Place + 5K Fun Run


The EAS Charity hosted its annual Spring Bazaar. This year we captioned the new name of Spring Fling and Market Place. Over 43 vendors participated selling flowers, clothing, jewelry, Coffee products, artwork, and leather goods. The event also featured the ever popular EAS Bake sale and Craft tables. This year we added an exciting Sangria Table. Customers were served by sombrero wearing volunteers. Customers sipped tasty Sangria and wine spritzers! All proceeds go to support local Suzhou charities.


The EAS Charity also hosted its first ever Charity 5K Fun Run. We started the day with heavy rain downpours, but that didn’t stop some very dedicated walkers and runners! The Fun Run had 70 people signup for the event, but only around 30 showed up due to rain. It was an awesome first Fun Run for the EAS Charity. First place went to Peter Wu, 2nd place to Bill Stearns, and 3rd Place to Chuck Ketterer. We made 22, 817rmb overall. It was a great day for the EAS Charity!



April 12, 2016- 5-year-old with Leukemia- Sisi


The EAS Charity is supporting a local Suzhou girl with Leukemia. Sisi is 5 years old and has been diagnosed with leukemia. She is currently receiving treatment at the SIP Children’s hospital. The Charity donated 20,000rmb to help cover the cost of her Chemotherapy.  We will monitor her progress and contribute more funds as needed, in the future, for her treatment. We wish Sisi a healthy recovery and prognosis.

April 12, 2016- Helping Johnny (Wu Jian Min) from Wuzhong Orphanage
The EAS Charity is supporting a local teen, Wu Jian Min, better known as Johnny. Johnny was born with hearing problems. He received a Cochlear implant years ago. His speak is quite well for his hearing difficulties. The EAS Charity donated 12,800rmb for tutoring expenses for Johnny’s education. Johnny is behind, in receive tutoring to help achieve his desired grades. Johnny will receive specialized tutoring in school.  We wish Johnny the best with his education and tutoring.



 April 30, 2016-Camelympics at the Camel Bar


The Camel Bar hosted its 1st Annual Camelympics. It was a mixture of pub games such as Darts, foosball, shuffleboard, and pool. Five teams join the events with a 500rmb entrance fee. Teams competed to see who would take home the coveted Camelympics Golden trophy. The Camel Bar donated 2500rmb from the entrance fees to the EAS Charity. Thank you to James Brown, manager of Camel, and all the teams that participated in these fun games! The EAS Charity looks forward to seeing you next year!


March 10, 2016-Nifty Thrifty 3 Year Anniversary Sale!


The EAS Nifty Thrifty celebrated three years in business. The Charity Thrift Store kicked off its three-year Anniversary sale by offering customers 50% off all merchandise. Guest were treated to cake, cookies, and delicious snacks. The EAS Charity offered a 50/50 cash drawing. The winner, Carolyn Glaspie, took home half of the cash raised by the drawing. Thank you to everyone who has supported our store over the past three years. We continue to operate off the donations, of the community, and the support from the Suzhou community.



November 28, 2015- EAS Charity Christmas Bazaar


The EAS Charity Bazaar celebrated its 9th annual bazaar at the Suzhou Cultural Arts Center. The bazaar featured live entertainment, dancer, singer, and multi-talented performers. The event started at 11:00am and finished around 4:00pm. We had over 120 vendors from Suzhou, Shanghai and Wuxi attending the event. Vendors sold jewelry, leather products, food, flowers, artwork, furniture, clothing, and so much more. Our event entertained, a guestimated, 3500-4000 people throughout the day.  The EAS Sponsored their ever popular Gluhwein, Craft, Calendar, Tombola, and Bake Sale Tables. The EAS Charity Christmas Bazaar made over 108,000rmb from this event. Thank you to everyone who helped organize, sell, and participate!


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