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How do I obtain a Suzhou Garden Card & a Suzhou Leisure Card?


Suzhou Garden Cards cost 120 RMB and allow you to visit to certain Suzhou Gardens and tourist attractions for free. You can make up to 99 visits per year at no extra charge. Individuals are eligible for the garden card after they can prove they have lived in Suzhou for six months or more. This is done with the letter the police station give when a person registers their address. When you go to purchase the card you will need the police registration letter, a passport photo, a valid passport and 120 RMB.

Suzhou Leisure Cards are available only available in June and December regardless of how long a person has resided in Suzhou. The card allows you entrance to 14 scenic spots. They include Linyan Shan, Beisi Pagoda, Baima Jian, Piaomiao Peak, Panmen Gate, Linwu Cave, Shigong Hill, Baoshan Temple and more. You will receive a full list when you buy the card.

When purchasing, foreigners should bring: passports, passport with residence permits and your police registration form. The garden access can be added to your tong card for cost 120 RMB and for another 36 RMB you can get a new card. Children above 1.2 meters but under 6 years of age can enter for free. Cards can be renewed – same procedure as above, but no need to pay the deposit again. If you have a new passport, remember to take the old one as well, for proof of residence.

Leisure cards can be purchased at the following places during the months of June and December. During those months garden cards can also be purchased. The rest of the year the garden card can be purchased at Tong Jing Park.

1.    Xing Hai Guangchang Metro station Tong Card Customer Service Center,
        No. 2 exit of the Metro in Xinghai Plaza (A206 floor B2),
        Xing Hai Jie & Su Hua Lu SIP 

2.      Suzhou Park,  26 MingZhi Lu

3.   San Xiang Lu Customer Service Center: Sna Xiang Lu 188, Dong Run Da Sha 2nd Floor

4. Tong Jing Park, TongJing Nan Lu (Garden card can be purchased all year long here.)


You can visit these places with your Garden Card:-

                         ·        Tiger Hill

·        Humble Administrator’s Garden

·        Lingering Garden

·        Lion Grove Garden

·        Master of the Nets Garden

·        Canglang Pavilion

·        Garden of Cultivation

·        Couples Garden

·        Joyous Garden

·        WuFeng Garden

·        East Garden (Zoo)

·        Stone Lake

·        TianPing Hill

·        FengQiao

Night performances are not included

The cards are not transferable

(thank you to Whats On in Suzhou & to Ines Hund for this information)

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